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Customers of HDFC Bank, India’s most valuable and one of the most expensive banks in the world have been hard hit in the ongoing demonetisation saga in India. Depositors of HDFC Bank have been complaining about their inability to withdraw the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) stipulated...
Contrary to the expectations of life insurance deregulation, some of the large private companies have established their business model on ULIPs, a mutual fund product and in doing so sacrificed the objective of raising genuine life insurance and long-term savings for the economy. In retrospect, the liberalisation of the life insurance sector provided a license to open a casino.
Post this report and the subsequent media coverage, the Indian government changed the selection policy of appointment of SBI chairman solely on the basis of seniority.
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In our experience companies adopt liberal accounting policies to cover up flagging fundamentals otherwise there is rarely a valid business reason.