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Inde : Gautam Adani, le puissant milliardaire au service de Modi 

By Andrée Schupp, in New DelhiPublished on  05/11/2022 at 18:00

Entire state’s power system on the brink as Indian loan to Aussie miner Griffin...

By energy reporter Daniel Mercer Tim Buckley has spent much of his career in finance traversing the proverbial energy landscape.

SEBI Indicts, Kotak Mahindra Promotes

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Why is the capital market deliberately overlooking the serious concerns regarding corporate governance in the Kotak Mahindra group? Presumably because...

Prashant Kumar: Rewriting the Yes Bank Story

An unassuming leader, Prashant Kumar has led an ailing Yes Bank out of the woods on a steep trek to the top....

The Story of the Reserve Bank of India

The book can be purchased here Extracts _______________________________________________________________________