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Will IndusInd’s Much-Needed Reorganisation of Corporate Lending Trigger Another Round of Whistleblowing?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Indusind Bank shareholders are paying a heavy price for senior executive-level reorganisation in Bharat Financial Inclusion (BFI), which backfired as...

Paytm IPO Investors Lose $900 Million in Two Days as India’s Biggest Listing Flops

By Quentin Webb and Shefali Anand Updated Nov. 22, 2021 7:27 am ET

IndusInd Bank Imbroglio: Evergreening or Just Plain Old Incompetence?

The bank’s official explanation of a technical glitch needs to be examined, by the RBI, which should commission a probe.

RBI, Please Probe: Is IndusInd Bank Evergreening, or Just Incompetent?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. On November 5, 2021, the auspicious day of the Hindu New Year, the Economic Times burst a firecracker of a...