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Indiabulls puts on brave face after RBI merger snub

"It would have been a shocker if RBI would have approved the merger. I am surprised RBI did not announce its decision earlier as the entity was in the news for the wrong reasons,” asserts research analyst Hemindra Hazari.

HDFC Bank shines among peers, but is a duller version of its own past

“In the current faltering economy, the bank is unlikely to increase its net interest margin and its fees to compensate for the expected higher credit costs and if it is unable to continue with its earlier strategy, shareholders should expect a decline in its profitability," Hazari wrote in a note

Can HDFC Bank Continue to Leverage Efficiency to Offset Rising Credit Costs?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. On the eve of HDFC Bank’s 2QFY2020 results (October 19, 2019), an analysis of its profitability for the last 5...

Credit Raters Keep Missing Big Indian Company Defaults

“Indian rating companies are reluctant to give poor ratings to companies before the default happens,” said independent analyst Hemindra Hazari, “They fear losing their clients.”