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A criminal investigation into former ICICI bank CEO Chanda Kochhar, leadership succession at Yes Bank, and a Central Bank trying to balance policy and politics. We speak to independent analyst Hemindra Hazari about the state of play and what’s ahead in India’s private banking sector
Jaitley as Finance Minister defends ICICI Bank senior executives but ignores government bank CEOs and EDs when they are unfairly indicted
What were the independant directors of DHFL doing and why cannot mainstream business media do such an expose'?
Credibility of ICICI Bank's board of directors is at stake
Signicant expansion of fiscal deficit combined with capital controls is warranted. But alas that will not happen, hence be prepared for a lengthy period of stagnation
Both RBI & Govt of India have neglected the employment-intensive small & medium enterprises & agararian sector.
Moody's downgrade to junk will result in a run of wholesale corporate deposits from the bank
Shows Kotak's increasing political clout to take on the regulator head-on.
The government wants the RBI to do the heavy lifting through monetary stimulus without increasing the fiscal deficit