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On a panel with Prashant Bhushan, senior counsel, Shailesh Gandhi, former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC), Sucheta Dalal, senior journalist and others to discuss whether the Reserve Bank of India's confidential inspection reports of banks and finacial intermediaries should be made public. My talk...
Signicant expansion of fiscal deficit combined with capital controls is warranted. But alas that will not happen, hence be prepared for a lengthy period of stagnation https://youtu.be/1V6oYVEMwxg
Both RBI & Govt of India have neglected the employment-intensive small & medium enterprises & agararian sector.
Moody's downgrade to junk will result in a run of wholesale corporate deposits from the bank https://youtu.be/ZJFGt03l_8w
Shows Kotak's increasing political clout to take on the regulator head-on.
Individuals holding critical leadership positions on the board of Yes Bank have left under dubious circumstances   https://youtu.be/mBUHhQs4ayQ