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Legacy of the Past? Yes Bank’s Divergence Should Alarm the Market

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. In a significant set-back, Yes Bank reported that its accounts for FY2019 were fudged: the banking regulator had detected under-reporting...

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Where Are the Private Banks in Rural India?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. A visit by road to some of the scenic tourist destinations in the mountainous and mainly rural state of Himachal...

DTAs: Would Private Banks Learn a Thing or Two From SBI?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. No doubt the stock market has de-rated banking behemoth, State Bank of India (SBI), since its 4QFY19 results, on account...

A Closer Look at DTAs and Retail Should Sober the ICICI Bank Party

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Since 2QFY2019, the stock market has been kind to ICICI Bank. It has rewarded the bank with a consistent rise...