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Franklin Templeton Revelations: Business Trumps Risk, Private Interests Trump Ethics

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. On April 23, 2020, Franklin Templeton India (FTI) took the unprecedented step of winding up its six debt mutual fund...

Smartkarma Webinar |Light & Shadow: Disclosures and Governance in Indian Banks with Hemindra Hazari

Webinar held on February 24, 2021 at 5 pm Singapore Time (2:30 pm IST) to discuss the downgrading of the Chief Risk...

Generating Data in the Dark: Little Meaning to Analysing FY2021 GDP Estimates

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. A noteworthy feature in the 3QFYGDP estimate is its dubious credibility, as indirectly admitted by the official statistical agency itself....

How (Not) to Fight Monopolies

Mircea Raianu how-not-to-fight-monopoliesDownload

Does Customer Satisfaction Matter to the Share Valuations of Private Sector Banks?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The capital markets continue to reward private sector banks with rich valuations, benefitting shareholders. But larger stakeholders such as bank...