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Will a Desperate RBI Allow Shadowy Investors to Take Over Yes Bank?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. On November 29, 2019, Yes Bank finally revealed  the names of the prospective investors for their US$ 2 bn equity...

Legacy of the Past? Yes Bank’s Divergence Should Alarm the Market

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. In a significant set-back, Yes Bank reported that its accounts for FY2019 were fudged: the banking regulator had detected under-reporting...

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Where Are the Private Banks in Rural India?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. A visit by road to some of the scenic tourist destinations in the mountainous and mainly rural state of Himachal...

DTAs: Would Private Banks Learn a Thing or Two From SBI?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. No doubt the stock market has de-rated banking behemoth, State Bank of India (SBI), since its 4QFY19 results, on account...