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Bank Mergers: A flawed move to boost growth?

Sitharaman's decision to merge 10 banks into four may be riddled with leadership and decision-making challenges

Sell-side Selects Serial Misreporter of Axis Bank as ‘Best CFO’ for Banks in 2019

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The prestigious Institutional Investor 2019 All-Asia ex-Japan Executive Team Awards have been announced. Remarkably, sell-side analysts selected Jairam Sridharan (Axis...

Moody’s India Unit, ICRA Sacks Its CEO

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The credit rating agency, ICRA (an affiliate of Moody’s) has finally sacked Naresh Takkar, its chief executive officer (CEO).  This appears to...

Appalling Record as IL&FS Director Ought to Disqualify Bhargava as Maruti Suzuki Chairman

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. R.C. Bhargava is the long-serving current chairman of Maruti Suzuki India, India’s largest automobile company. He was also an independent...

As the Economy Slumps, Can HDFC Bank’s Retail Strategy Escape Being Dragged Down?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The sharp slowdown in the Indian economy and the wide publicity to the production cutbacks and layoffs in the automobile...