R K Hazari

Articles published by R K Hazari and citations of his work

Edited transcript of a talk delivered to the Institute of Company Secretaries, Northern India Regional Council, New Delhi, December 4, 1979 I have great pleasure in being with you this evening.   The pleasure is all the greater because I know that you are...
Condensed from Lala Sir Shri Ram Memorial Lectures at the Department of Business Management, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 1976 Dr. R K Hazari, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and Chairman of the Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation, is a self- proclaimed...
Final Report on Industrial Planning and Licensing Policy September 14, 1967 Industrial-Planning-Licensing-Policy-Report-1967Download Interim Report on Industrial Planning and Licensing Policy December 5, 1966 INDUSTRIAL-PLANNING-AND-LICENSING-POLlCYDownload