Disclosures and Governance in Indian Banks


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00:00:50 Session Starts

00:07:35 Attrition in Private Sector Banking

00:12:27 Female Attrition

00:15:04 Kotak Mahindra Bank’s (KMB) Corporate Governance

00:19:00 Human Resource Expertise on KMB’s Board of Directors

00:22:00 Poor Corporate Governance in KMB

00:27:38 Axis Bank

00:30:03 Consequences of High Attrition

00:32:01 HDFC Bank CEO’s Statement

00:33:41 Toxic Work Culture

00:35:38 Poor Human Resource Management

00:40:06 Implications of High Attrition

00:42:33 Possible Remidies

00:44:55 Q&A

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