Somi Hazari’s 60th Birthday


June 12, 2021


Two and a half months have passed since the sudden passing of our dear Somindra (“Sona” or “Somi”) Hazari on 29th March, 2021, near Madras, Tamilnadu, where Sona had settled with his family.

Normally, for closure, a memorial is held a few days after a person’s demise, but in Sona’s case the emotional trauma was too raw for any of his close family and friends to come forward.

Finally, we decided to find emotional closure by celebrating his 60th birthday on 12th June 2021, when Sona would have earned the title of ‘senior citizen’ by turning 60.

It was difficult to persuade Sona’s gangsters and fellow pranksters from Cathedral School, whom he interacted with multiple times in a day, to speak on his 60th birthday as they said it was impossible to withhold their emotions.

Fortunately, they all relented and movingly spoke, reminiscing of his colourful life and raised their tumblers to cheer and celebrate the ‘Fat Man’s’ 60th birthday.

Sona’s 60th Birthday Party was a joyous occasion, just as Sona would have wanted and those who attended felt his presence and finally found the inner peace which was so elusive following Yama’s abrupt summons to Hell.

The sterile world of Heaven is no place for the Hazardous Hazaris or for Sona’s merry band of rogues and rascals.

It is the Brotherhood of Hell which beckon us all to keep Sona company.

Knowing Sona, he has probably already set up ACs and bars and luscious edibles in Hell, is eating and drinking Yama broke, and awaits our arrival; but till that day dawns let us live our life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of the day just as our irrepressible, adorable Sona lived his.

Jai Ho Sona!! Jai Ho Somi!!


  1. Welcome by  Hemindra ‘Hemu’ Hazari (Bombay)
  2. Presentation
  3. Saroj Hazari (Bombay)
  4. Shonali Hazari (Chennai)
  5. Somindra Hazari Jr. (Chennai)
  6. Rabindra ‘Ravi/Vivek’ Hazari Jr. (Bombay)
  7. Group Capt. (retd) Ajit Gurtu (New Delhi)
  8. Ravinandan (Ravi) Dar (New Delhi)
  9. Arun Rao (New York) – Cathedral School HSC 1979  
  10. Sunil Khanna ‘Kheru’ (Singapore) – Cathedral School HSC 1979
  11. Homi Dhunjibhoy (Pune) –  Cathedral School HSC 1979  
  12. Dennis Vaz (Trinidad)
  13. Sohrab Dhondy (Bombay) – Cathedral School ICSE 1978  
  14. Maitri Kumar  (New York) – Cathedral School HSC 1979  
  15. Phiroze Dubash (Bombay) – Cathedral School HSC 1980  
  16. Nitin ‘Bull’ Jasani (Bombay) – Cathedral School HSC 1980   
  17. Bali Kochar (London)
  18. Hemindra ‘Hemu’ Hazari (Bombay)
  19. Vinod Menon (San Francisco)
  20. Nakul Madhavji (Bombay) – Cathedral School HSC 1980   
  21. Jiloo Billimoria (Bombay) – Cathedral School HSC 1982   
  22. Ratan Gurtoo (Noida)
  23. Victor Fregle Ravi (Chennai)
  24. Rajiv Bhatia (Bombay) – Cathedral School ICSE 1981
  25. Manoharan T (Chennai)
  26. Rajul Shah (Bombay)
  27. Anil Razdan (Gurgaon)
  28. Vivek Hazari (Gurgaon)

A special thanks to Biju Kewalram in Los Angeles (Cathedral School HSC 1979) for hosting this event on his Zoom account

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